Don’t Ignore Bing

Recently I was talking to a current client and they asked me what we’re doing with Bing for their SEO/PPC efforts. I admitted not much. W were monitoring their ranking on the search engine, but focusing more on Google. I brought up that Google is used significantly more than Bing. But then they they made […]

WordPress For SEO — A Good First Step To Getting Found, But Not Cure All For SEO Woes

WordPress fancy logo

Building your Website on the WordPress content management system (CMS) is a great choice. WordPress powers more than 32% of the Internet’s Websites. It is open source, which means that there is a large community of people dedicated to improving and supporting the software. Even Google, the search giant, has a team dedicated to WordPress. […]

The Mobile-First Web – Get Ahead of the Coming Changes

The folks over at Google have been talking about a mobile-only index for years now. It might finally be coming our way within the next year. Gary Illyes, a webmaster trends analyst at Google, was on the latest episode of Search Engine Journal’s Search Engine Nerds Podcast, where he talked about the move to focus […]

SEO Explained

I found this great video put out by Common Craft and Search Engine Land:

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore SEO

Justin Stein over at Search Engine Journal has a great article on the perils of ignoring search engine optimization when it comes to your business’ Website. Google and Bing are the only major players in the search engine space right now. Because of this and the fact that people turning away from traditional mediums like […]

Matt Cutts: Creating Great Content Is The Best Way To Attract Do-Follow Links

Google’s Matt Cutts recently posted a video on the search giant’s GoogleWebmasterHelp channel on Youtube answering an irate question from a Google user. Ed, from the Caribbean wrote: How can linking remain a major part of a search algorithm when the majority of Internet users are unable to post a ‘followed’ link on the World […]

Is SEO Dead or Just Redefining? [Video]

Mike McDonald over at WebProNews has a great video about how SEO isn’t dead it’s just redefining itself.  McDonald talks with Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR. Greg points out that those who aren’t adapting to the changing landscape of SEO is dead to them. But those who are willing to look outside the box and evolve […]

Retort to Leo Laporte on SEO and it’s value

So I was listening to Leo Laporte’s show This Week in Google, for which I’m a huge fan (of all of his shows actually). I was rather disturbed by his blatant accusation that there is no need for SEO, Search Engine Optimization. He was citing Derek Powazek’s bashing of SEO and Danny Sullivan’s response in […]

Ignore the Long Tail terms in SEO at your own Peril.

Rand Fishkin over at SEOMoz, posted the latest Whiteboard Friday today and made a very great point about Long Tail keywords. He states that many SEO experts and companies ignore the long tail keywords in favor of the more competitive and broader keywords. Rand says that this isn’t the right approach and that targeting the […]

Google’s Matt Cutts on the new Caffeine update

Newly, bald (he lost a bet with his team), Matt Cutts, Google’s search front man talked with WebProNew’s Mike Mcdonald about the Caffine Update. Caffeine is the code name for Google’s newest update to the seach giant’s search platform. Cutts says that they are doing their best to improve search without disrupting the existing rankings […]