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WordPress For SEO — A Good First Step To Getting Found, But Not Cure-All For SEO Woes

Building your Website on the WordPress content management system (CMS) is a great choice. WordPress powers more than 39% of the Internet’s Websites. It’s open-source, which means that there is a large community of people dedicated to improving and supporting the software. Even Google, the search giant, has a team dedicated to WordPress.

As a Web design/development, SEO and digital marketing firm, we use WordPress exclusively for our Websites. WordPress, out of the box is written properly and because of that it’s much easier to optimize for the search engines.

WordPress, though being very easy to optimize for the search engines, still needs a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan to full benefit and rank high for the site’s keywords/key phrases. It isn’t a cure all and was never intended to be one.

  • Download the Yoast SEO plugin (Free/Paid), this plugin allows you to add the meta-data needed to optimize for search.
  • Download the Yoast Local plugin (Paid) if you’re a local business and want to get found in local search.
  • Start a blog sharing useful information about your service or product.
  • Make sure you use your keywords/key phrases in your article NATURALLY.
    • Don’t keyword stuff your articles, Google and the other search engines prefer articles that are written well for human consumption not the bots.
  • Make sure you submit your Website to the various search engine consoles.
    • These consoles will help you figure out how to better optimize your site and debug any issues that may arise.

It Takes Time To Rank

Even after you’ve done as much optimization as you can, it takes Google and the other search engines time to crawl your site and pull it into the index. Even then it takes time for your site to rise in position. If your domain and site is new, it will take longer to rank than a site that has been indexed before.

Patience Is An Important Virtue

Patience is important when doing SEO. Don’t change things around every day. Make some changes then give them a week, or so, to see their impact.

Good luck!

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