SEO Is Here To Stay. Stop Fearing It

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SEO isn’t something that is going to go away. It’s also not hocus pocus or witchcraft. It’s about good content that ranks and making sure your site is coded properly for indexing in the search engines.

It does take research and continual reading to get it right, but you don’t need an advanced degree to optimized your site.

SEO is alive and well, meaning it’s a long term commitment for any business who wants to succeed in the world of online marketing.

Many people ask me, after the first few months, what are you doing? To that I answer — quite a bit. Staying up on the changes that Google and the other search engines are doing, industry news, new tactics and ideas. It’s an ongoing process that can’t just be setup and left alone.

SEO Isn’t The Only Thing You Need To Focus On

SEO doesn’t need to be all you do — in fact, most successful SEO campaigns involve many other tactics as part of their mix, like content writing, social media posting and email marketing. But SEO needs to be one of your priorities if you want high rankings on search engines.

But How Do You Stay Up On All The Changes?

The way I keep on top of the ever changing changes in the SEO industry is by following relevant SEOs on Twitter and other social media platforms. The community is very welcoming to newcomers and is always willing give advice.

If SEO is something you’re interested in, then I suggest reading up on the basics and following a few SEOs before diving into anything too complicated.

I’ll also be posting regular SEO updates going forward to help give people an idea of what’s going on within the SEO world at any given time. Stay tuned for more.

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