A Twitter Spinoff Launches for Moms – Social Media Overload

So in January, Ms. Herrscher began thinking about ways to apply the principles of Twitter to her site. She wanted something where her readers “wouldn’t have to dig through the millions of people on Twitter to find moms, or moms in their area or moms with their common interests,” she said. “It’s a smaller, manageable […]

Is Twitter a Black-hole and Dangerous?

On March 24th, David Sarno in his LA Times article “There’s Twitter the companym and Twitter the Medium” highlights some important concerns with the relatively new and booming microblogging service. Technology celebrities like Leo Laporte and Dave Winer have both addressed the need and appeal of Twitter as well as their concern about the closed, […]

Blellow! Twitter for collaborating and working together. Twitter killer?

Blellow is very neat. Is it a Twitter Killer? No. But a neat concept. The idea of Twitter was to share what you are doing with your friends and fans, but it’s evolved into so much more. Twitter is like Blellow just without the amount of functionality that Blellow provides. I’d be interested to see […]

A major problem with cloud computing reveals it’s ugly head

Recently Google screwed up. The search giant found a bug that shared unshared documents in Google’s famed Google Docs with others. According to their figures only affected 0.05% of users, the the implications are huge for the idea of putting everything in the cloud. Dear Google Docs user, We wanted to let you know about […]

Beware of what you do. Your actions may hurt your brand

Gary Vaynerchuk had another great video posted today about how a hip/swanky hotel’s brand was damaged because of a decision they made. Never under-estimate the power of social media. Check Gary out on Twitter at @garyvee I was in Miami last night and we had a little run-in with the hotel, which led to some […]