What to look for in a Website Design and Development Firm

Web design firms are some of the more prolific services businesses. Every business needs a presence online or they are missing out on potential revenue and client acquisition opportunities. In Bucks County and Doylestown there is no shortage of Website design firms. But not all are created equal. Some firms use custom content management systems, […]

First Impressions: Blogger Is Not The Answer

I’ve seen lots of startups starting their business endeavors using sites like Blogger (Blogspot.com) or WordPress.com. Though these services are free they aren’t the right way of going about getting your best foot forward and growing your business. Listen and I’ll tell you more.

Why a Website Maintenance Contract is So Important

Your site is built and online. You have spent time and money perfecting your business’s online presence and you are now ready for visitors. This is often the scenario for many business owners. They are so relieved that their site is online that they don’t consider what would happen if it mysteriously went offline or […]

IE 6, should we keep supporting it? [Video]

There is really no simple answer to this question. My thoughts are that it should be based off of your desired demographic. If you are designing a site for people who are a little older and will be using older machines you should probably keep hacking and make the site work in IE6 and other […]

Why Flash? There is no need to build a site in Flash

Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Flash is a great tool for interactivity and overall interaction. What it’s not good for is Web design. If you really, truly, want to get found on the Internet you don’t want your site in Flash. Yes, you can do really neat things with it. Make your cursor make sounds, have your […]

The Mobile Web and how it’s changing the face of the Internet

Ever since the first Internet enables phone hit the market in the earlier part of this century, people have been fascinated with the idea of having access to not only their email but the entire Internet where ever they were. As more and more cell phones start to come out with Internet communication and viewing […]