Resources For Businesses

Helpful Resources For Businesses

We’ve compiled a list of services we use on a regular basis to help you figure out your suite of tools to stay in business during this crazy time.

Canva – A great tool to create professional looking assets for your business. Free to use, upgraded functionality for a price.

Slack – A great communication tool. Free to use. A bit pricey if you have a large community channel. But reasonable if you have a small team.

Zoom – Free to use for 3 person chats. Anything more people on a chat beyond that you are limited to 45 minutes without paying for a subscription. With the security of the system getting better everyday, Zoom is still the top choice for video conferencing.

GSuite for Business* – Not expensive per account. You’d be looking between $6 to $12 per user. Great if you like Google’s suite of tools and want to use your own brand and not be advertised to. – A really neat service to do Facebook Live and YouTube Live videos easily without all the crazy setup. There is a free version, but the paid version is a lot more robust.

PowerMatch – This is business networking reimagined. Think matchmaking only for your business. A great way to grow your network of professionals. $40/mo is well worth it for the value.

Hio Social – A nifty little networking app that helps you share your information and connect virtually.

Contacts+* – Your address book on steroids. Not only does it sync your contacts across multiple accounts it helps you keep every contact up-to-date.

Bonsai CRM* – A different take on the CRM. This app allows you to not only keep track of clients, but also write proposals, contracts, and do billing all from one nifty program.

AWeber* – Far from an upstart, AWeber has been around for years. Based in the Philadelphia area, AWeber provides amazing email marketing services to businesses of all sizes.

Flywheel WordPress Hosting* – My WordPress host of choice. Full managed hosting with amazing support.

Siteground General Hosting* – If you’re not running a WordPress site, but need hosting. Siteground is the hosting provider for you. Great support and fast servers.

Fathom Analytics* – An alternative to Google Analytics. Get the basic analytics in an uncluttered way.

Namecheap Domain Registration* – The only domain registrar that we at Goldstein Media use. They provide free Who Is protection and reasonable prices.

Buffer Social Media Scheduling – Staying top of mind online is tough. Using social media is a great way of doing this. Doing social media smartly is the key. Buffer does this.

DNSimple DNS Service* – We prefer to know where our clients’ domain name DNS records are. A bit technical, but a great service.

Services marked with a * are affiliate links. I get a commission if you sign up. Though I would recommend them even without a commission, they’re just that great!

Keep Busy In You Biz

Now Is A Good Time To Work On Your Business

We’re all social distancing, quarantining, trying to stay healthy during this Covid-19 pandemic. For many of us entrepreneurs we need to get creative on how we stay productive while working.

Gina Rubel, of Fruia Rubel in Doylestown, has some great tips on how to make physical distancing time productive for your business.

Here are some ideas of things you can do. Thanks Gina for putting out such a great post.

  • Clean up your home office – I for one needed to finally clean up my home office. I was working from a co-working space for the past few years, so coming home to a messy home office wasn’t going to cut it. This can be therapeutic too. There is something about setting up a work space, to me at least that is fun and rewarding.
  • Educate Yourself – There are tons of free and paid services out there that you can do to learn new skills or brush up on old ones.
    • Udemy
    • Coursera
    • LinkedIn Learning/Lynda
  • Read, read, read – I have to admit I need to get better at this, but pick up that business book you’ve been meaning to read and engross yourself in it.
  • Listen to podcasts and find new ones to listen too – I love this tip from Gina. There are so many great podcasts out there and with this pandemic, many traditional media outlets are putting out podcasts as well. Here just a few suggestions:
    • The TWiT Network
    • Make Me Smart from Marketplace
    • TED Talks Daily
    • All The NPR podcasts
    • Ask Pat (Flynn)
    • Details Therapy with Amy Landino
    • Distributed with Matt Mullenweg
    • Creative Class Podcast with Kaleigh Moore and Paul Jarvis
    • Digital Marketing Dive with yours truly
  • Review and update your Website – Now is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning on your site.
    • Update the blog
    • Change the design around
    • Update the copy
  • Update and review the technologies you’re using – Do a quick audit of all the tech you use day-to-day. Are these tools you use all the time? Are there better ones out there?
  • Tackle the tasks that were in the “might-do” part of your list
  • Setup time to talk to colleagues, co-workers, and friends on Slack, Zoom, Skype etc. to exchange ideas and stay connected.

With all these things to do, you can’t say you’re bored. Now get to it.

2020 picture sparkling

New Year… New Decade… A Time To Reevaluate Your Digital Marketing

With the new year upon us, it’s a good time to reevaluate how you’re doing digital marketing.

As traditional marketing/advertising is getting harder to quantify and more companies are turning to digital marketing to get in front of their target markets, as a firm you need to be there to share your knowledge and expertise to generate new business.

With this in mind, a lot has changed in the landscape of digital marketing:

  1. Facebook proper is becoming less important as they prioritize companies who are paying for advertising over organic (free) natural reach.
  2. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is becoming a place to sell to consumers. Humans are visual creatures, the Instagram platform lends well to this. Expect to see sales to increase if you are targeting the B2C market.
  3. LinkedIn, once bastion for recruiters, has turned into a great place to post content and engage with your colleagues and find new clients.
  4. Email Marketing is still an important medium. People are still using email and getting in front of them in their inbox with good quality content is still one of the best ways to increase reach and revenue.

With these changes in digital marketing, there is an overall theme… content. The more content you make and share the more top of mind you will be with your target audience.

Content creation can be a daunting task, but with the right tools you can crack the code and capitalize on this medium.

Here are some tips you can use to make sure your content and influence goes farther:

  1. Get a service like Buffer or Hootsuite and schedule out your posts to go out on regular intervals.
  2. Commit to a reasonable schedule to blog about your experiences in your industry and give tips and tricks away.
  3. Setup a content calendar to keep track of what you’re sharing.
  4. Find interesting articles from trusted sources and share them to your social networking profiles.

So with all this information, how are you going to make 2020 and the rest of the decade rock for your business? Post your thoughts in the comments below.


Email Marketing Is A Powerful Tool

Email has been around for quite a while. It’s the bane of many of our existences. But it is still a necessary evil.

Figuring out how to make email work for your company.

The quickest way is to do email marketing. Use a service like MailPoet, AWeber or MailChimp and send out regular emails about your industry and news that applies to your clientele will keep you top of mind and on their radar when they need something.

At Goldstein Media, we put out a monthly newsletter called News You Can Use.

It has a bunch of sections that provide value to the reader.

The first section is just an intro piece.

The second is full of interesting relevant articles that we’ve dug up over the previous month.

The third is a call to action to have our readers check out the Digital Marketing Dive Podcast.

And the final section is a list of upcoming business events in the Philadelphia-area, which we think are worthwhile.

An email newsletter doesn’t have to be complex or time consuming. Like blogging, set aside an hour or so a week to focus on it and before you know it you’ll have something to send out.

If you need help with an email marketing strategy or picking out the right email service provider and setting it up, reach out to us. We’d love to help.

Image Credit: Pixabay