Why You Need To Keep Your Site’s Plugins, Themes, And Core Up-To-Date

when working with wordpress keep your plugins themes and core up-to-date

At Goldstein Media we do a lot of work for other marketing agencies as well as directly with businesses. In doing this we’ve noticed something that many companies don’t address very often but should — updates. With WordPress especially, since it powers more than a third of the sites online, it is imperative to keep […]

Goldstein Media Named One Of The Top 19 Web Developers In Philadelphia

ranked as one of the best Web Developers in Philadelphia

We got a bit of a surprise this morning when we got an email saying that we’re one of the Top 19 Web Developers in Philadelphia on Expertise.com. Now we know this is a link building play on their part, but honestly this goes to show that if you stroke a company or person’s ego […]

Creative Director Featured On 30 Seconds Success Connect Podcast

Podcast 30 Seconds Success Connect

I’m thrilled to announce that the episode that I did with Laura Templeton of 30 Seconds Success is now live. It was so much fun doing this episode with her. We talked about networking in general and how that’s changed with the pandemic. Please have a listen and let me know what you think. How […]

Helpful Resources For Businesses

Resources For Businesses

We’ve compiled a list of services we use on a regular basis to help you figure out your suite of tools to stay in business during this crazy time. Canva – A great tool to create professional looking assets for your business. Free to use, upgraded functionality for a price. Slack – A great communication […]

Side Project Mentioned in The Intelligencer

Goldstein Media last week launched LocalOnlineOrdering.co to help local food markets and restaurants take online orders during the pandemic. Seth was interviewed by Marion Callahan, a reporter who wrote a piece on how small businesses are dealing with the pandemic. You can read the full piece here. Here is a screen grab of the section […]

Now Is A Good Time To Work On Your Business

Keep Busy In You Biz

We’re all social distancing, quarantining, trying to stay healthy during this Covid-19 pandemic. For many of us entrepreneurs we need to get creative on how we stay productive while working. Gina Rubel, of Fruia Rubel in Doylestown, has some great tips on how to make physical distancing time productive for your business. Here are some […]

New Year… New Decade… A Time To Reevaluate Your Digital Marketing

2020 picture sparkling

With the new year upon us, it’s a good time to reevaluate how you’re doing digital marketing. As traditional marketing/advertising is getting harder to quantify and more companies are turning to digital marketing to get in front of their target markets, as a firm you need to be there to share your knowledge and expertise […]

Email Marketing Is A Powerful Tool


Email has been around for quite a while. It’s the bane of many of our existences. But it is still a necessary evil. Figuring out how to make email work for your company. The quickest way is to do email marketing. Use a service like MailPoet, AWeber or MailChimp and send out regular emails about […]