Resources For Businesses

Helpful Resources For Businesses

We’ve compiled a list of services we use on a regular basis to help you figure out your suite of tools to stay in business during this crazy time.

Canva – A great tool to create professional looking assets for your business. Free to use, upgraded functionality for a price.

Slack – A great communication tool. Free to use. A bit pricey if you have a large community channel. But reasonable if you have a small team.

Zoom – Free to use for 3 person chats. Anything more people on a chat beyond that you are limited to 45 minutes without paying for a subscription. With the security of the system getting better everyday, Zoom is still the top choice for video conferencing.

GSuite for Business* – Not expensive per account. You’d be looking between $6 to $12 per user. Great if you like Google’s suite of tools and want to use your own brand and not be advertised to. – A really neat service to do Facebook Live and YouTube Live videos easily without all the crazy setup. There is a free version, but the paid version is a lot more robust.

PowerMatch – This is business networking reimagined. Think matchmaking only for your business. A great way to grow your network of professionals. $40/mo is well worth it for the value.

Hio Social – A nifty little networking app that helps you share your information and connect virtually.

Contacts+* – Your address book on steroids. Not only does it sync your contacts across multiple accounts it helps you keep every contact up-to-date.

Bonsai CRM* – A different take on the CRM. This app allows you to not only keep track of clients, but also write proposals, contracts, and do billing all from one nifty program.

AWeber* – Far from an upstart, AWeber has been around for years. Based in the Philadelphia area, AWeber provides amazing email marketing services to businesses of all sizes.

Flywheel WordPress Hosting* – My WordPress host of choice. Full managed hosting with amazing support.

Siteground General Hosting* – If you’re not running a WordPress site, but need hosting. Siteground is the hosting provider for you. Great support and fast servers.

Fathom Analytics* – An alternative to Google Analytics. Get the basic analytics in an uncluttered way.

Namecheap Domain Registration* – The only domain registrar that we at Goldstein Media use. They provide free Who Is protection and reasonable prices.

Buffer Social Media Scheduling – Staying top of mind online is tough. Using social media is a great way of doing this. Doing social media smartly is the key. Buffer does this.

DNSimple DNS Service* – We prefer to know where our clients’ domain name DNS records are. A bit technical, but a great service.

Services marked with a * are affiliate links. I get a commission if you sign up. Though I would recommend them even without a commission, they’re just that great!

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