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Resources For Businesses

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We’ve compiled a list of services we use on a regular basis to help you figure out your suite of tools to stay in business. Many of these tools we actively use, others we’ve used in the past and still suggest, but don’t fit in out toolset.

Updated 8/22/2022


Canva – A great tool to create professional looking assets for your business. Free to use, upgraded functionality for a price.

Slack – A great communication tool. Free to use. A bit pricey if you have a large community channel. But reasonable if you have a small team.

Zoom – Free to use for 3 person chats. Anything more people on a chat beyond that you are limited to 45 minutes without paying for a subscription. With the security of the system getting better every day, Zoom is still the top choice for video conferencing.

GSuite for Business* – Not expensive per account. You’d be looking between $6 to $12 per user. Great if you like Google’s suite of tools and want to use your own brand and not be advertised to.

Newsletter Glue – NLG is a way to use your existing WordPress to make beautiful newsletters that send out via the email service provider of your choice.

Streamyard – A really neat service to do Facebook Live and YouTube Live videos easily without all the crazy setup. There is a free version, but the paid version is a lot more

AWeber* – Far from an upstart, AWeber has been around for years. Based in the Philadelphia area, AWeber provides amazing email marketing services to businesses of all sizes.

Flywheel WordPress Hosting* – My WordPress host of choice. Full managed hosting with amazing support.

SiteGround General Hosting* – If you’re not running a WordPress site but need hosting. SiteGround is the hosting provider for you. Great support and fast servers.

Fathom Analytics* – An alternative to Google Analytics. Get the basic analytics in an uncluttered way.

Namecheap Domain Registration* – The only domain registrar that we at Goldstein Media use. They provide free Who Is protection and reasonable prices.

DNSimple DNS Service* – We prefer to know where our clients’ domain name DNS records are. A bit technical, but a great service.


Pavilion* – An international, Slack-based, networking and education group. Pavilion connects business leaders together in a helpful and friendly environment.

Peak Community – Another international community. This time geared more directly towards developing marketers and CMOs.

Creator Science Lab* – A community for online creators, curated and run by Jay Clouse. This group is fabulous.

Services marked with a * are affiliate links. I get a commission if you sign up. Though I would recommend them even without a commission, they’re just that great!

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