There is great value to owning your content on the internet. With the latests about-face from Google over porn on Blogger, it’s gotten me thinking about the true value of owning your content and having complete control over it.

Blogger,, and the social networks are all great platforms, but not something that you, the user, own. Now, a website on a server that you have control over – you own that. You can put what you want up there, blog about what you want and not worry about having a giant corporation like Google tell you that you can’t post something.

This is the main reason why I’m huge proponent of the self-hosted version of WordPress (you can find it at Yes, you will need to setup your own server and get WordPress running, but in the end YOU control the content and what is seen.

So next time you think about publishing online your thoughts, consider where you publishing them. There is nothing wrong with publishing on Blogger or or the social networks, but keep a copy on your site that you control and link to it from those sites.

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Seth Goldstein is the Principal Creative Director at Goldstein Media LLC. He has been in the Web design and Internet marketing business for more than 10 years. A self-proclaimed technologist, Seth is addicted to all types of technology. He loves to help businesses of all sizes figure out the best way to use the Internet to grow their business.