Black Hat SEO Is Not The Way To Optimize

There has been a lot of talk lately about big brands like BMW and JCPenney trying to game the search listings by engaging in black hat techniques such as cloaking and link stuffing. On the whole engaging in Black Hat SEO techniques might gain a brand a quick burst in the search rankings but over […]

Matt Cutts: Creating Great Content Is The Best Way To Attract Do-Follow Links

Google’s Matt Cutts recently posted a video on the search giant’s GoogleWebmasterHelp channel on Youtube answering an irate question from a Google user. Ed, from the Caribbean wrote: How can linking remain a major part of a search algorithm when the majority of Internet users are unable to post a ‘followed’ link on the World […]

Matt Cutts – Length of Domain Registration Doesn’t Matter or Does It?

A recent article on Search Engine Land, discussed Google’s assertion that the length of a domain registration doesn’t matter to a Websites rank as some people think. Search Engine Land quotes three Google employees, one being Matt Cutts, they all downplay the effect of registration length on ranks but none of them definitively say that […]

Google’s Matt Cutts on the new Caffeine update

Newly, bald (he lost a bet with his team), Matt Cutts, Google’s search front man talked with WebProNew’s Mike Mcdonald about the Caffine Update. Caffeine is the code name for Google’s newest update to the seach giant’s search platform. Cutts says that they are doing their best to improve search without disrupting the existing rankings […]

How to optimize your site in a competitive search area on a small budget

Google’s Matt Cutts answered a great question today on the search giant’s Webmaster help YouTube Channel. The question was: “How does someone begin to SEO their site on a small budget in an overwhelmed industry such as real estate?” One of the key points Cutts pointed out was to make your site different from all […]

Thoughts on the NOFOLLOW Attribute

Wil Reynolds from Seer Interactive have an interesting view point on the NOFOLLOW attribute on blogs and sites. He says that if the site has large readership you should still try to guest post on that site regardless if there is link-juice-love going to your site or not. He explains: Here’s Matt Cutts’ view on […]

Matt Cutts on Why BOTW and Yahoo Directory aren’t Paid Links

Google’s Matt Cutts explains on the latest Webmaster Help Video that Yahoo, Best of the Web, other Web directories with an editorial process are not considered paid links. This is because they have guidelines that need to be met and will reject low quality submissions if they don’t meet the right criteria. This is very […]

Whitehat Linkbaiting from Google

On their WebmasterHelp Channel, Google’s Matt Cutts explained a way to get links back to your site (linkbait) without nefarious, devious actions on your part. He gives an example of a site that combines Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and Twitter. It’s an interesting example of how one can linkbait without going to the darkside. Watch the […]