Why Flash? There is no need to build a site in Flash

https://www.roytanck.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/adobe_flash_logo.gifAdobe (formerly Macromedia) Flash is a great tool for interactivity and overall interaction. What it’s not good for is Web design. If you really, truly, want to get found on the Internet you don’t want your site in Flash. Yes, you can do really neat things with it. Make your cursor make sounds, have your buttons animate in a way that CSS and xHTML just can’t, but you need to ask yourself two questions. First, do all these “flashy” (pardon the pun) effects do anything to promote your product or your company? Second, is it really worth giving up some Search Engine find-ability for a little unnecessary glitz and glamour? In my opinion, no.

There was a very interesting article in Search Engine Land blog yesterday. The author points out some very interesting points:

But what about those that have a more basic Flash site that does indeed provide information? For them, I would ask, why Flash? If you don’t need to allow your visitors to interact with your website, then why not just use HTML with Flash accents? Because even if the search engines are indexing the information contained in Flash (more on this in a bit), there are other reasons not to use it. First and foremost, not every browser has Flash installed. In fact, currently on an iPhone, Flash shows up as a little blue cube. Second, many Flash-based sites use only one URL for the entire site. Besides the search engine implications of that, it is also a nightmare for bookmarking, as well as for most web analytics programs.

via Are The Search Engines Really Indexing Flash?.

So I leave you with this, if your site does not need the wow power and interactive feel of Flash, but you want to capitalize on the search results, leave Flash for another day or another project.

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