Why a Website Maintenance Contract is So Important

Your site is built and online. You have spent time and money perfecting your business’s online presence and you are now ready for visitors.

This is often the scenario for many business owners. They are so relieved that their site is online that they don’t consider what would happen if it mysteriously went offline or needed updating.

Things happen on the Internet. Servers go down, protocols get mangled and hackers break code. This is only a few examples of what happens on the Web and often times your site will be affected. It will inevitably happen at some point.

So what can you do to be ready? At Goldstein Media we take the guesswork out of maintaining your Website. If anything should happen to your site our experience team of Web experts can fix the issue for you for as little as $75 a month.* Our team of developers will deal directly with the hosting company to figure out what the problems are and get them resolved as fast as possible.

Need to make revisions to the site to add a new product or service? You do not need to be worried about messing up the code and breaking the site. Our team can help you update your site as part of your maintenance contract and get the changes up quickly.

Want more information call us today at (215) 352-5216.

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