What Zuckerberg As The Person Of The Year Means For All Of Us

Time Magazine's Person of the Year Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.So it’s old news. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.

Now most people won’t argue that Zuckerberg has been extremely influential in the world of technology and the Internet, but I would argue he’s made much more of an impact this year to everyone.

Facebook, this year, has seen an influx of everyone and their Grandmother signing up on the service to connect with each other. The “Social Network”  has become no just a social networking site but an ecosystem for interaction and, dare I say it, trade.

Yes, trade. Facebook users, all 500+ million of them, have made the service an economic marketplace where advertisers and merchants alike advertising to the users in mass.

Facebook has an amazing pay-per-click system that allows a company to drill down their ads to appear to a specific demographic. This is unlike any other system, due mainly to the sheer number of users who share their vital statistics with Facebook.

When most people think advertisements they cringe. Ads are often the scourge of any area that they’re in. But honestly, I think the ads on Facebook aren’t bad at all. This is because of the advanced targeting that can be done of the 500+ million users on the service. The ads served are much more relevant to the user who is seeing them, making them more acceptable and even useful to the individual user.

If you’re a company that relies on a specific user base for revenue and growth, ignoring this giant is a fatal mistake. Facebook is a great place for not only B2C companies but B2B as well. It doesn’t need to be all that expensive. There are many strategies that can be employed to get the most out of Facebook, without breaking the bank.

If you see the writing on the wall, but are unsure of how to get your company started on Facebook, give us a call, (215) 352-5216, or fill out the form. We can help.

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