The Mobile Web and how it’s changing the face of the Internet

Ever since the first Internet enables phone hit the market in the earlier part of this century, people have been fascinated with the idea of having access to not only their email but the entire Internet where ever they were.

As more and more cell phones start to come out with Internet communication and viewing capabilities it is becoming more important than ever for companies to make their corporate sites viewable to this new segment of Internet viewer.

There are many ways to make sure the right version of your site is being viewed:

  • Have a new site developed that takes into account the small viewing capabilities of the site
  • Have the current site URL automatically redirect to a mobile friendly page/section on your site that is mobile browser friendly
  • Have your main site scalable to view correctly in most if not all of the browsers, both mobile and otherwise.

These are all excellent solutions. But, especially the last one, the overall development and maintenance of such a site makes it much more cost prohibitive than it needs to be.

For all three points, developing such sites in such a way that allows it to view correctly in the plethora of different mobile browsers out there is a daunting and costly task.

There is a solution.

Recently, Goldstein Media acquired a Mobile Web construction and management system that not only makes it simple to view a site on both a computer and in a mobile browser,  but enables  the site to view correctly on all of the major handsets. In addition this new technology allows for easy editing with an intuitive interface.

The technology does not stop there. In addition to having the site viewable on all the major handsets, Goldstein Media is able to provide an advanced platform to market and communicate with Mobile Web clientele through a variety of different opt-in SMS/Text messaging campaigns.

For more information, please call Goldstein Media at (215) 352-5216 to setup a FREE, no obligation demonstration of this exciting new technology.

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