Six Rules of Social Media

So you’re getting into Social Media for both business and personal use. You’ve heard the hype about how you can not only build your brand using services such as Facebook and Twitter, actually sell products and now you’re ready to get started. But wait there are a few things you need to realize before you start spamming the social media services. These are the Six Rules of Social Media and are rules to live by.

  • First rule of Social Media… DON’T SPAM THE SYSTEMS – people hate this and it won’t help your cause. If anything it will not get you any business and will hurt your brand
  • Second rule of Social Media… Remember it’s all about the relationship – most people forget this, if you build a quality feed or a quality profile where good information is shared then people will come. I know I sound like Google’s Matt Cutts when I say this, but it’s true, CONTENT IS KING.
  • Third rule of Social Media… Remember to listen as much if not more than your broadcast. Unlike traditional media, Social Media is about the conversation and in any good conversation there needs to be listening and participating.
  • Fourth rule of Social Media… Respond to naysayers and people who are unhappy with you or your brand. Following how you message is perceived in the Social Media space is crucial. Responding quickly and appropriately will look good for your company’s brand as well as turn someone who is unhappy into a loyal customer.
  • Fifth rule of Social Media… have fun with it. Yes Social Media is a great way to get the message out about your product and brand. But remember to actually enjoy communicating with people. If you don’t people will sense that you’re all business and will be turned off
  • Finally, the Sixth rule of Social Media… DON’T SELL. I know it’s hard not to push your latest product out there for the world to see, but I’m not telling you not to do that. What I’m telling you to avoid is the overly used car salesman approach of berating people to try your new product. Introduce your product on a one-on-one basis with people, bring it up in conversation and try and make it seem natural.

If you follow these six simple rules of social media you’re on your way to getting the full benefits out of social media. You will not only generate conversations and be active in the online communities, but you will even grow your business and your brand.

Image: Flickr – BonkedProducer

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