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[Recap] Seerfest 2020

Yesterday was Seerfest 2020, an all-day virtual digital marketing conference put on by Seer Interactive.

All proceeds were donated to charity. This year it the charity was Coded By Kids a great charity whose aim is to fight inequality through technology education. It’s a really great organization with a great mission.

The whole day was jam-packed with world-renowned digital marketing speakers and the staff from Seer Interactive.

Topics ranged from the inequality in technology, general digital marketing, the hidden power of Snapchat, using data to automate insights for SEO and so much more.

I’ve been a huge fan of Wil Reynolds and his team at Seer. I don’t consider them competition, instead, I think of them as colleagues. I love how Wil shares his knowledge and doesn’t hold back from helping the community both in the digital marketing space and in general.

I’ve known Wil for as long as Goldstein Media has been in existence and this event screams Wil. He altruistic and always gives back wherever he can.

One of my favorite talks was Britney Muller‘s talk on automating data insights. Britney, a former Moz wizard, is now on her own. She seriously blows me away with all the insights she provides and the examples she provides on her Github on how to use Google Colab to streamline data and find insights.

Another great talk, albeit a little depressing, was Justine Jordan‘s talk about email marketing and how to do it right and how it’s done so badly so often.

Karen Hopper‘s presentation on bias and racism in data was extremely thought-provoking and eye-opening. It showed how minorities are left out of so many equations in data models.

Seerfest was hands down the best money spent out of any conference I’ve gone to in 2020. If you get a chance to attend a Seerfest in the future, either in-person or virtual, I highly suggest it.


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