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Clear Communication Is Key For A Successful Project

I can’t make this any clearer than that. Communication during a project is key to making it a success. Not having clear communication can break a project, resulting in increased stress, aggravation, scope, and cost.

Now the impetus for this post isn’t directed at any client. It comes from years of business experience where some projects have gone well and some have gone really bad.

Here are some tips to make sure it’s the former and not the latter:

  1. Set expectations in writing from the start.
  2. If additional requirements come up, which happens, make a change order.
  3. Make sure to stay in touch with the client on a regular basis with status updates.
  4. Make sure you know about any changes that might happen during the process of doing the project.
  5. Communicate, communicate, communicate.
  6. When it’s launch time for the project, go through everything with the client from top to bottom to ensure it’s as perfect as can be prior to launch.
  7. If there are hiccups in the process, don’t fret. Take a deep breath and deal with each bump individually. More often than not there is a solution for the problem.
  8. Again… communicate, communicate, communicate.
  9. Be open to thinking outside of the box. Just because the project changed directions a little, doesn’t mean it’s veering off course, often with a little outside of the box thinking you can bring the project back on course and to fruition.
  10. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

On the whole, do you see a theme here? Yes, it’s all about communication. So do it!

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