Our Top 10 Favorite WordPress Plugins

There is a plethora of WordPress plugins out there, which do all kinds of different functions. These functions add features to your self-hosted WordPress site.

Everyone has their “Must-Installs.” These are our Top 10 favorite WordPress plugins

  1. Thrive Architect (Paid)
    This plugin enables you to create landing pages on your WordPress site that can look completely different from the base site. This allows for quick and easy building of sales pages, squeeze pages, and so much more.
    Thrive Architect Plugin
  2. Paid Membership Pro (Free with paid support)
    Made by a husband and wife team. Paid Membership Pro turns your WordPress site into a Membership site. It’s immense and chock full of feature, which help you fully control your community site and make money from your site.
     Paid Membership Pro Plugin  
  3. Yoast SEO (Free and paid versions)
    You’re never going to get everyone to agree on what is the best search engine optimization plugin, but in our opinion it’s Yoast SEO hands down.Yoast SEO
  4. MonsterInsights (Free and paid versions)
    A quick and easy way to hook Google analytics up to your site. But it doesn’t stop there, in the premium version there are other features that further enhance the tracking capabilities of your site.
    Monster Insights Plugin
  5. All In One WP Security (Free)
    WordPress powers close to 28% of the Web. Because of this, it is a target for hackers. Without a solid security plan, your site’s chances of getting hacked are quite high. All In One WP Security is a great way to lock down your site to keep it safe.
    All In One WP Security
  6. Gravity Forms (Paid)
    By far one of the most advanced form building programs for WordPress. The expandability of the plugin can go well beyond just a simple contact form.
    Gravity Forms Plugin
  7. Custom 404 Pro (Free)
    It’s nice to have a custom 404 Not Found page when your visitors stumble across a page that is not there or never existed. This plugin makes making a great 404 page easy.
    Custom 404 Plugin
  8. EWWW Image Optimizer Cloud (Free download, pay per block of images optimized)
    This plugin is essential to making your images load faster and in turn make your site speed go up, which helps in the search engine rankings.
    EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin
  9. WP External Links
    Making sure links that go to external sites open in a new window or tab is important to keeping people on your site while sharing useful resources. Making sure you remember to do this on all your links can be hassle. This plugin fixes this issue.
    WP External Links
  10. Divi Builder (Paid)
    As polarizing as different building plugins can be, we like the Divi Builder. Chock full of neat features, this builder makes building a site a lot quicker than hand coding everything.
    Divi Builder Plugin

What are some of your favorites? Leave us comment and let us know your top ones.

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