Mobile Friendly Sites Will Get A Big Ranking Boost In Google


If not, you need to start thinking about how you want to go about making it work well with mobile devices.

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Google recently announced that it will, starting in mid-April, start ranking mobile friendly sites higher in the search engine rankings than their non-mobile friendly counterparts. The announcement states that the search giant isn’t implementing the change immediately as to give people and companies time to make appropriate adjustments to their sites.

What is Mobile-Friendly?

Responsive design and mobile first Web design practices have become the norm in recent years as more people use smart phones and tablets to browse the Internet. On these smaller devices, browsing sites that are not optimized for the smaller screens can be cumbersome and at times down-right frustrating.

Make It Mobile-Friendly or Risk a Demotion

As aggravating as this announcement from Google might be for companies, who now need to quickly update their sites or risk  a demotion in the rankings, it’s much needed.

To get ready for this change, check out Google’s usability reports for mobile and the mobile friendly testing tool. And while you’re at it, you can also take a look at Google’s mobile guidelines.


*Depends on a number of factors, which we will discuss with you when you call.

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