links for 2009-03-27

  • Twitter is a great way to network and grow your business
  • I love blogs. Before I started blogging seriously, I read a lot of other blogs and was very engaged as a reader. I commented a lot and began honing my ability to craft a statement quickly in response the ideas presented in the post. I’m still very engaged with other blogs in this way. However, if I’m being totally honest, most blogs I encounter are downright unreadable.
  • When the long rumored Google Health was announced in early 2008, it appeared to be a very ambitious initiative that had a mountain to climb. That mountain was participation: getting individuals, doctors and hospitals to digitize their records. Then there are the myriad privacy and data security issues.
  • Yahoo is making a move onto television screens with the Yahoo Widget Engine (YWE), but its first iteration won’t include a Yahoo search box.

    The Yahoo widgets are Internet-based applications that can be used on Internet-connected TVs and controlled with the TV’s remote control. Samsung has just introduced a TV that integrates the Yahoo Widget Engine; Sony, LG Electronics, and Vizio will soon launch TVs that support it, too.

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  • Despite the recent Nielsen Online study that claims social networking and blogs are more popular than email, I believe email will survive, especially for commercial and transactional messages.
  • The Web is continuously changing the way people connect and communicate and how marketing professionals are reaching customers. We must increasingly consider and use new tools and media that thrive on connectivity, interactivity and engagement. When we close our laptops or set aside our smart phones at night, customers around the globe go right on transacting and connecting. They are sharing and searching for information. They're expressing perceptions about our brands or asking others for advice–all of it recorded for online searches and easy to find.
  • Southeast Michigan companies are tweeting about Facebook, fitting into MySpace, and seeing who's LinkedIn. These Web 2.0, or social media, sites offer a way for area professionals to work the room from the comfort of their desks – virtual nametags, business cards, and portfolios included.
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  • @phillywordsmith's article is great "I went to a PR function for young PR professionals. PR pros have to be good writers/communicators of information. One of the panel speakers mentioned Twitter and out of a couple hundred young and hip professionals, none of them seemed to have any idea about it. They have five hundred friends on Facebook, but no Twitter account. This is a mistake."

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