Letting WordPress Auto-Update Plugins

David Hayes over at WP Shout had a good thought piece on letting WordPress (5.5 and up) auto-update plugins.

With the introduction of this feature, I’ve been wary to turn it on, opting to use a tool called MainWP to manually update my 50+ sites. Yes, this is still semi-automatic, but I know when the updates are happening.

My biggest fear is a bad update taking down a client’s site and not knowing about it.

There are tools that track uptime, and we use a few, but trusting a 3rd party developer to update their plugin perfectly every time is too risky in my opinion.

David, in his post, says he’s fine with it. Honestly, more power to him. In the end, it really has to do with your own comfort level.

What do you think? Would you use the automatic update feature in WordPress? Let me know in the comments.


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