Is Your Site ADA Compliant? A Follow Up.

In our last blog post we wrote about the new rules having to do with 508 compliance. After some very reputable sources disputed our claims, we are issuing a clarification.

We are sorry for the confusion we’ve caused.

Onward To The Clarification…

As with many things written by the government the information about 508 compliance was a bit confusing. We mistakenly believed that all sites, federal and otherwise, would fall under the 508 compliance guidelines. We were wrong.


But there is something all Website owners need to be aware of. Just because the 508 compliance rules don’t apply to non-federal sites, it doesn’t mean that having a non-compliant site with errors is ok to ignore?

Recently Blue Apron, a large “assemble your own dinner” business, was sued and lost in court because their site wasn’t accessible and up to ADA standards.

Once again, we apologize for spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) about the 508 compliance rules. But we’re still asking you the same question….

Is Your Site Accessible To Everyone?

Need help figuring out how to make it accessible? Drop us an email today.

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