Entrepreneur’s Enigma | Dan Bennett On His Journey To Help You Make Better Looking Video

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Dan Bennett is the Founder of Video For Entrepreneurs, a brand that helps entrepreneurs & startups learn to look and sound great on video – through coursework, private community membership, 1:1 work, and the use of his “Solar System Methodology”.

He is a long-time video professional and YouTuber.

He’s had the privilege to work with fortune 500 companies and some of the top

production companies in the world, and now he wants to bring that experience and knowledge to you!

(Harley Davidson, Cisco, Mercury Marine, Bud Light, Detroit Lions, Camaro, Nerf, Pantene and many more…)

Dan has developed super impactful products as well like:

3-Hour Studio | https://3HourStudio.com

Video Content Pros | https://vfe.media/vcp

Find Dan Online

Video For Entrepreneurs: https://VideoForEntrepreneurs.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DanTheVideoPro

LinkedIn: https://LinkedIn.com/in/VideoForEntrepreneurs

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