Daily Link Report for September 8th

The Link Report

This is the Daily Link Report for September 8th

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  • Flickr Finally Goes Native With An iPhone App – Flickr on iPhone with an app? Nice! Finally, some say.
  • What to expect from tomorrow’s Apple event – Techcrunch's take on what to expect from the Apple event tomorrow.
  • EduFire Raises $1.3 Million For Video Education Platform – EduFire, the startup that offers online video classes for a variety of subjects, has raised $1.3 million in Series A funding from Battery Ventures, with Google AdSense godfather Gokul Rajaram and Western Technology Investment participating.
  • The Top 20 VC Bloggers (September 2009) – When it comes to lists of top VCs, one of our favorites is the top VC bloggers. Larry Cheng, a partner at Fidelity Ventures, started keeping just such a list last May, based on how many subscribers each VC blogger has on Google Reader. This morning he updated his VC blogger leaderboard. The top 20 are below, all 100 are on his own blog, Thinking About Thinking (No. 71).
  • Rep.ly: TweetMeme Comments Get Their Own Awesome Short URL – Several weeks ago, Twitter link tracker TweetMeme announced its own comment system, which includes the ability to retweet individual comments left on the site.
  • Smart.fm: How Well Do You Know Your Facebook Friends? – Smart.fm aims to act as a full-fledge learning platform, wherein users can access the site, say “I want to learn about this topic” and be presented with tools, quizzes and world lists that test memory retention and understanding. There is a social element too, and users can both add their own information to existing courses, and share their learning schedules, remix content and ask and offer help.
  • Google And Apple Go To War (GOOG, AAPL) – Google and Apple are on a collision course.

    While the companies are not each others' biggest rivals, they are increasingly competing with each other.

    This follows years of enjoying one of the coziest relationships in Silicon Valley — one that will now get more complicated as the companies compete in more areas.

  • 10 Incredibly Cool DIY Projects – 2009 Backyard Genius Awards – Popular Mechanics – To create an incredibly cool car-crusher or oversize rocket or solar-pedal powered contraption that the world had no idea it needed takes brilliance, determination and a healthy dose of crazy. The winners of our Backyard Genius Awards have all those qualities, and we salute them for it.
  • Embeddable Waves: The Google Wave WordPress Plugin – Google Wave is coming and it's embeddable to your blog and Website

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