Collaboration Is The Way To Be Successful In The Digital Space

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I’ve been thinking about collaboration quite a bit lately. Especially with the launch of the new look for Goldstein Media. This whole endeavor wouldn’t have been possible without collaboration.

It’s collaboration not competition that makes your business work. Even though another company might do what your agency does, doesn’t mean there aren’t some synergies to find in working with together.
Working on projects with others teams is often what makes a winning digital marketing campaign!

I’ve found, after 13+ years in this space, that collaboration with your peers is the best way to not only success, but scale.

When I first started Goldstein Media in 2007, I was hell-bent on doing it all myself. I wanted everything that Goldstein Media produced made by me. I Soon found that way of thinking wasn’t scalable. I wasn’t making the money I needed to make the entrepreneurial journey I was on sustainable.

I started teaming up with other developers and marketers, and before I knew it business picked up and I was able to handle bigger work-load.

The belief that everyone is competition isn’t the way to approach business.

Collaboration is one of those things that can’t happen overnight.

You need to train yourself to think outside of the box.

Think of collaboration as a muscle that you have to work out and strengthen. Only then will you see the true benefits of teaming up with others.

Collaboration in digital marketing is the way to be successful.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

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