WordPress 5.0 Is Out

WordPress 5.0 is out in the wild now — as of December 6th. It’s a definite departure from the previous versions. The biggest is the new editor, pre-5.0 called Gutenberg.

In addition to many nifty under-the-hood improvements, the new editor is the biggest change.

We’ve made some big upgrades to the editor. Our new block-based editor is the first step toward an exciting new future with a streamlined editing experience across your site. You’ll have more flexibility with how content is displayed, whether you are building your first site, revamping your blog, or write code for a living.

Though Websites can still use what the WordPress universe is calling the “Classic Editor” well on through 2021, the new editor is here to stay and after a bit of a learning curve for us “old hats” it’s pretty slick.

The Classic Editor plugin restores the previous WordPress editor and the Edit Post screen. It lets you keep using plugins that extend it, add old-style meta boxes, or otherwise depend on the previous editor. To install, visit your plugins page and click the “Install Now” button next to “Classic Editor”. After the plugin finishes installing, click “Activate”. That’s it!

It starts with “Blocks”. Like building blocks, these blocks make it “easier” manipulate the content on the page.

The new block-based editor won’t change the way any of your content looks to your visitors. What it will do is let you insert any type of multimedia in a snap and rearrange to your heart’s content. Each piece of content will be in its own block; a distinct wrapper for easy maneuvering. If you’re more of an HTML and CSS sort of person, then the blocks won’t stand in your way. WordPress is here to simplify the process, not the outcome. No longer will you have to custom code within the editor to get your content working/looking correct.

If you’re a client of ours and you want to try out the new editor, let us know and we’ll help learn it.

Not Yet A Client?

 Want a team of WordPress experts behind you to help build out a site that converts and also utilizes the new editing experience?

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