when working with wordpress keep your plugins themes and core up-to-date

Why You Need To Keep Your Site’s Plugins, Themes, And Core Up-To-Date

At Goldstein Media we do a lot of work for other marketing agencies as well as directly with businesses. In doing this we’ve noticed something that many companies don’t address very often but should — updates.

With WordPress especially, since it powers more than a third of the sites online, it is imperative to keep the plugins, themes, and core up-to-date.

With the advent of WordPress 5.5 last week, keeping things updated is easier than ever. Though we don’t recommend this for everyone, WordPress now allows you to let your plugins automatically update without any intervention on your part. This can be good for a small site, where there aren’t many plugins. But on larger sites, we still recommend manually updating your plugins and themes to monitor if any of the updates break functionality on your site. You should always back up your site daily and before any major changes are made to your site.

Plugins like UpDraftPlus is a great one to back your site up to any number of services (ie. Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, etc.).

If you manage multiple sites, it might be worth using a tool like MainWP to update your sites from one centralized dashboard.

But, regardless of how you do it, you need to keep your site updated regularly to prevent things from breaking or getting hacked.

If you need help updating and maintaining your site, reach out to us. We can help.

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