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What I Love About WordPress

There are many things I love about WordPress. Some don’t even have anything to do with the software.

WordPress Is A Family

WordPress is much more than an opensource CMS platform. It’s a community. Heck, it’s a family.

Between WordCamps, the inexpensive and sometimes free conferences on WordPress, to the meetups and the Slack channels, WordPress, in my opinion, is far superior than other CMS platforms.

Now granted, I’m clearly bias. I’ve been using WordPress since 2010 and my affinity for the platform and the community has only grown.

The Software Is Amazing Too

The plugin architecture is beyond immense. The support for the the plugins is most of the time really good. (*I say most of the time, because sometimes you get stuck with a plugin’s support.)

Pretty much if you need some functionality, WordPress has it. Often, the solution is free or won’t break the bank with cost.

A Historic Pandemic An The WordPress Community

With the Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve found that the community around WordPress has been essential to my well-being. With the move to virtual WordCamps and meetups, I’ve been able to attend and meet so many more people than I would have. I’ve made some great friends through WordPress, which I might not have otherwise.

I’ve grown Goldstein Media on the back of the opensource version of WordPress and for that I’m grateful.

So if you’re curious about WordPress, give it a try. Join a meetup or attend a WordCamp. You won’t regret it.

Please reach out if you are looking to get started with WordPress. I’d love to help.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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