Top 10 Podcasting Tips

Top 10 Tips for Podcasting

This article will appear in the May issue of the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce‘s new magazine The Business & Arts Journal.

When I first started my podcasting journey more than 10 years ago, I was intrigued by the new form of content. Podcasting wasn’t popular yet, but there were already so many great shows to listen to. As I started my journey doing my own podcasts, I quickly learned what to do and not to do when making a podcast. Here are Top 10 tips, with sub-context for doing a podcast:

  1. Do your research and plan out your podcast
    • What is the structure going to be? 
    • What’s the theme/topic of your podcast? What other podcasts are doing similar shows? How are you going to stand out?
    • How long is it going to be on average? 
    • Is it just you talking to the audience or are you going to have a co-host? 
    • Are you going to want to interview people? 
    • Is it going to be just audio? 
    • Is there going to be a video component to it? How many shows do you want to do?
    • Are you doing seasons or are you just going to record without a break?
    • How many shows are there going to be in season?
    • How often are the shows coming out?
  2. Figure out the technology
    • Podcasting has gotten so much easier than it was back when I first started. But still, you need to make sure you think through how you’re going to capture the podcast audio.
    • Apps like Audacity (free) and Descript (Subscription Fee) make editing the audio shows pretty easy.
    • Hosting can run the gambit. Anchor.FM is probably the best place to start out your podcast if you’re just starting. It’s completely free and they even help distribute your podcast.
  3. Don’t try to be NPR. You’re not NPR.
    • Podcasting is not NPR or radio for that matter. Depending on your audience your tone and voice can vary.
  4. Remember to smile when you talk and talk with emotion.
    • Most people know this, but when you smile it comes through in your words and the tone of your voice.
    • Remember to enjoy yourself. If you’re not, stop and find another medium.
  5. If your first episode isn’t the best keep it up and keep going.
    • Many people think that leaving up a crappy episode is a bad idea. But, my thought is that if you don’t leave up the podcast and just keep going and getting better you’ll NEVER post an episode.
  6. Record three or so episodes before publishing the first one.
    • Having a buffer is key. If you plan on releasing every week, being ahead of the game by having three in the hopper lets life get in the way without losing your cadence.
  7. Be patient.
    • Yes, I know it’s a cliche, but Rome wasn’t built in the day. If you build it, they don’t always come. But, patience is a virtue you need to have when it comes to podcasting.
  8. Promote, promote, promote
    • Don’t be spammy, but share your latest episode on your social channels. Also, do advance promotions a few days in advance to get people looking forward to the latest episode.
  9. Listen to a wide variety of podcasts.
    • If you’ve never listened to a podcast before, then you probably should before doing one yourself. You will see what you like and you can emulate that on your own show.
  10. Be realistic with yourself. Don’t set a release schedule that doesn’t fit into your everyday schedule.

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