3 Reasons Why Google Plus Should Not Be Ignored

Fine, Facebook has all your friends and Twitter is where you keep in the know of what’s going on in the World, but Google+ isn’t a network to be ignored. Here are 3 reasons why Google+ should not be ignored.

  1. First off it’s run by Google, THE biggest search engine out there. If you engage on the network you will show up higher in the rankings. This doesn’t mean you should spam the network with crap that makes no sense. Put up great content and engage with people.
  2. If you see no engagement an there is no one in your stream, you need to follow some peiople. Google+ is is different from other networks. It’s not always about your friends and who you know. It’s about interaction and finding people who share similar interests (eg. photography).
  3. If you’re in the Tech sector you need to be on Google+. The amount of geeks and tech luminaries using the service is great and they interact.



These are just some reasons why Google+ shouldn’t be ignored. It’s not going anywhere, Google has plenty of money and has made it clear that they are putting all their chips behind their network. It’s here to stay.

If you want some help getting into Google+ look me up and I’ll help you out.

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