The Power Of Video

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to do a promo video for my digital marketing agency, Goldstein Media, with Joe Monzo of Monzo Media Productions. The experience was amazing, but also overwhelming.

Let me explain the overwhelming part…

Just seeing the process Joe goes through to make an awesome video for his clients was incredible. The amount of gear that he used and the eye for detail, well all I can say is that I’m impressed.

But that got me thinking. Does all video need to be that advanced and involved? The short answer is not really. It really depends on what message you’re trying to get out to the world.

You Already Have A Video Camera On You… Use It

You know that little, thin, rectangle that buzzes in your pocket? Yea, your phone. It’s also a video camera. And a damn good one at that. Pick it up and just start recording. The videos don’t have to be long. Heck short and sweet is better with today’s attention spans being what they are.

Every time I put out a video, I get a call from one of my clients asking how I did the video. He’s a great guy and hopefully will read this piece.

There are many different types of videos. The Monzo ones that are highly edited and intricate. And then the videos that are done on your phone and just get a message across.

Both are great to do and have in your marketing arsenal. They serve different purposes and that’s okay.

So what are you waiting for, get out there and record some video.

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