The Power Of Coworking

Goldstein Media is a small agency, most of our team is remote. So when it got time to move out of the basement and into a “real” work environment, coworking spaces were at the top of the location list.

Not being in Philadelphia, but in the suburbs, coworking spots are far and few between. When Stacks Co. Workspace opened its doors at the beginning of the summer, I knew it was the place to take Goldstein Media to help it grow.

Officially opened in June 2018, Stacks Co. is located in the heart of Doylestown Borough, which is a fantastic location. Another bonus to moving into Stacks, was that some of my associates moved in as well. Our graphic/web designer, Jenn took a spot, as did Shawn and Travis from ESC Marketing Group. Both groups we deal with almost exclusively.

In addition, since being in the space, we’ve made connections with other independent creatives like Ryan from Hectare Media, who we now use for graphic design, in addition to Jenn.

Coworking is an interesting concept. Essentially you grab a desk and work, but you get much more than that. You get a community of people who are all in similar situations and willing to collaborate on projects and help with ideas.

I’ve known about coworking since Indy Hall opened its doors in the ‘00s in Old City, Philadelphia. And with giants like We Work how can you not know about coworking.

What I love about Stacks Co. is the personal, friendly nature. Jon, the curator of the space does a great job making sure we’re all comfortable and feel welcome.

If you’re interested in taking Stacks Co. for a spin. Swing on by and say hi. Stacks is located at 54 East Oakland Ave. in Doylestown.

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