The Stop Online Piracy Act is making it’s way through the House and it’s counterpart  the Protect IP is going through the Senate here in America. Both these laws are aimed to stop online piracy of intellectual property. On the surface that doesn’t sound all that bad. It’s how the US government plans on going about is where the problem lies.

I’m not going to get into in details, heck if you search for SOPA you’ll get more than enough reading material from both sides, but if SOPA or Protect IP pass, the Internet as we know it will be no longer. Everyone’s heard of the Great Firewall of China, well if these become laws the United States will have it’s own “Great Firewall.” Now last time I checked China was a communist nation and the US was a “democracy.” I thought “democracies” don’t try and pass laws like SOPA and Protect IP.

Because of our beliefs at Goldstein Media, we’ve decided to make it known that we DO NOT support SOPA or Protect IP.

Chris Pirillo of put up two great videos on SOPA/Protect IP and a great post. Everyone should check them out for a better understanding of what these laws mean for the Internet, not just in the US, but everywhere.




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