Setting expectations to be happy and have happy realistic customers

Setting Customer Expectations

If you’ve been doing web design and development for as long as we have, you know how important it is to set customer expectations at the start of a project.

Recently I was poking around an online forum where a designer asked how to deal with customers who want a full blown 10+ page website done in a week that isn’t a pile of garbage.

I responded to the person’s query:

You have to set your customer’s expectations at the beginning of the engagement. You need to make sure they know what goes into building a quality site. Give them a more reasonable estimate of how long it will take. If they still want something done quickly and quality, it might behoove you to just let them go.

Letting a customer go is never easy, but holding onto a client who is difficult from the beginning will be worse.

What do you think? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

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