Rules and Secrets of viral marketing elements make up viral marketing. Not all of them need to be active in a strategy for it to be effective, but the more of them the better the results.

Six main fundamental rules that should be followed to helpy our viral campaign successful:

  1. make sure there is an effortless transfer to others
  2. give away products or services of value
  3. make sure it can easily scale from small to large
  4. take advantage of basic human behaviors and motivations
  5. make good use of your existing communication networks (linkedin, face-to-face networking, social media, etc.)
  6. take advantage of what’s already out there and other people’s resources

Their are 7 key secrets to any viral marketing initiative:

  1. Get the headline right. Make the headline strong by putting in numbers and showing value to the reader.
  2. Take advantage of buzz-worthy topics. Align your campaign to what is currently a hot topic being talked about.
  3. Try and cram as much value you can into a small package. The more value that the reader/viewer can find in your campaign the more likely they are to pass it along and so on. More Value in One Place = More Impact.
  4. Don’t event the rules as you go. Learn from what already works and use a proven formula.
  5. Keep your viral content to the point and concise. Outline the overall value, otherwise you run the risk of having the viewer/reader moving on.
  6. Links, yes, putting links into your viral content will add value and additional depth. But make sure the links are carefully chosen.
  7. Finally YOU can start the chain reaction and get the word-of-mouth off the ground.

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