PPC vs. Organic SEO

https://catch-allclipart.com/sportspics/0029dsports.jpgThis topic can lead to quite a tome, but I’m going to save you and write a nice short piece on what my thoughts are on both Organic and Pay Per Click (PPC) search engine optimization.

There is an internal strife within the SEO community between the Organic purists and the PPC get it done even if you have to pay for it group. Now there will always be a disagreement between those who think that paying to be at the top of Google is the best idea and those who think paying for a link is just plain silly. I fall right in the middle.

To Buy a Link or Not To By a Link

PPC has its merits. There is no other way to be at the top of Google. Usually the top two slots are for paid links. If you have the pocket book to fight for those links or if you just so happen to be in a less competitive keyword then this is for you. But PPC does involve money and in turn tha takes capital. So where does that leave the little guys. There in lies the inherent downside to PPC. If you don’t have a huge budget and you’re in a somewhat competitive keyword area you really don’t even have a chance.

To be free and pure and full of goodness

Now you might be saying that Organic SEO is the way to go if you don’t have a big budget. This is true and false. If you just so happen to know what your doing it can save a whole lot of money, but if you need to hire someone to optimize your site it can be just as expensive as PPC if not more.

But don’t dispair. Studies show that though PPC gets you where you want for a price. The organic listings hold more trust and their for in my opinion are more important.

With that last statement in mind, the real perfect recipe is a combination of both PPC and Organic. If done the right way you’ll see the results.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on which is better: PPC or Organic. Post your thoughts in the comments.

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