Photo-sharing Startup Xoopit Bought by Yahoo today

Have you heard the news? Yahoo has officially bought the photo-sharing startup Xoopit.

Yahoo! acquires Xoopit.

Xoopit is joining Yahoo! to make the world’s best email even better.

Yahoo! will be integrating both our photo sharing applications and our content indexing and discovery technology into Yahoo! Mail and other services over the coming months.

Xoopit has emerged as a leader in mail applications, indexing and content discovery. Yahoo! has recognized that Xoopit’s technology elevates photos to the forefront of people’s everyday email experiences. Mail is the original online photo sharing experience, and combining these two products results in an evolved inbox experience. Yahoo! Mail users can expect to see their mail become even more efficient, social and fun!

The Xoopit team would like to thank our users for all the support and guidance in developing a service that people love. We would also like to thank our angels and venture investors, Charles Moldow from Foundation Capital and Theresia Gouw Ranzetta from Accel Partners for wisdom and commitment along the way!

This is an interesting purchase from the search company, especially since they already own a very robust photo-sharing site, that some might remember, Flickr.

Why Yahoo hasn’t been able to really monetize Flickr, your guess is as good as mine. But with this latest purchase, Yahoo seems to have Gmail, search-giant and arch-rival Google’s email client, in its sights. It’ll be interesting how the companies merge.

What I don’t understand is why Yahoo hasn’t integrated Flickr into Yahoo Mail? Why buy another photo-sharing product? What are your thoughts? Post them in the comments.

Demo of what Xoopit is all about:

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