[How To] What To Write On Your Business Blog

Philadelphia Social Media Markeing - What To Write On Your Business Blog
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As a Philadelphia Social Media Marketing company, Goldstein Media helps companies of all sizes setup a blog. Many of our clients are new to online publishing and blogging is a daunting task.

Here are some of the tips we give our clients to help the get started writing on their blog.

  • Schedule a specific time every week when you plan to write. If weekly is to much of a commitment sit down monthly and write a few blog posts and schedule them to be published throughout the month.
  • Write about what you know. Write about topics that are relevant to your company.
  • Don’t “Fake It.” The worst thing you can do it try and seem like an expert on a topic and make a fool out of yourself. This will cause a loss of credibility not only for your self but for your company as well.
  • Look at the FAQs section on your site and those sites of others in your industry. Answer these questions in long form. This can produce compelling content and also help your site rank better in the search engines.
  • Look at trends in your industry. Look back a decade and look forward a decade. Talk about the changes that have happened and what you expect for the future of your industry.
  • Look to social media and the trending topics being talked about on those networks. Talk about the stories that are relevant to your industry and business.
  • The World is constantly changing. Major news events can often be applied in some way to any industry.
  • Interview experts in your industry or in your company.
  • Use different forms of media. Search engines and people alike enjoy different types of content on your site. Post a video to Youtube and embed it on your site.
  • Share interesting data that your company has mined. Create infographics that people can share on their sites (be sure to include your credit line in the graphic).
  • Listen and respond to your audience. If people have comments turn your answers, where appropriate, into blog posts.

Hopefully these tips are helpful. If you are interested in learning more about what Goldstein Media can do for your company. Please reach out to us: 215-352-5216 or information[AT]goldsteinmedia[DOT]com.

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