Next Stop for iPhone OS and Android: Computers?

Two new rumors this week are different in the details but share an interesting overarching theme: TechCrunch is reporting that Apple is working on an iPhone OS-based tablet computer that’s essentially a giant iPod Touch for release this fall, and VentureBeat has a fascinating post that not only shows Google’s Android OS running on an Asus Eee PC but says the OS is hardwired to run on netbooks, and that Android netbooks will likely show up in 2010. We don’t know for sure that Apple will ever release more computer-like devices based on iPhone OS or that Android will migrate to laptops, but both ideas are utterly plausible. More plausible, in fact, than the possibility that both OSes will stay phone-only forever.

via Next Stop for iPhone OS and Android: Computers? | Technologizer.

It was bound to happen. With these mobile platforms becoming more and more popular and with the advent of the netbook it only makes logical sense to try and mash the two together.

I know Google has been talking about making an OS for computers for a longtime. Maybe the development of Android was the push the once search company needed to break out into a broader spectrum of computer and technology use.

Though I can see Android being on a small netbook, I’m a bit skeptical of Apple making it’s iPhone OS computer compatible. I think, like what Harry over at Technologizer suggests, Apple will make a bigger more versatile iPhone for more computing than calling.

The big question for both of these operating systems is will anyone buy non-phone products running them?

I’d like to hear your comments. Please post them below.

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