Murphy-Goode Winery attempts to find Social Media Maven instead has a huge FAILWHALE Winery in the California wine country ran a social media contest to find a social media consultant who knew how to tap into the pulse of social media. In this processes, they managed to not only miss the whole point of social media, they might even have damaged their brand.

Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht on Diggnation (07/14/2009) discussed what happened when social media junkie, tech-tv alumnus, and all around goof-ball Martin Sargent applied for the job, garnering the most votes but not making it into the Top-50. Here’s their take (warning foul a bit of foul language).

Here is Martin’s video application:

What are your thoughts? Did the winery just do an excellent belly-flop or did they prove how much help they really do need with Social Media or was this all planned? Conspiracy theory anyone? Post your comments, thoughts and haikus below.

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