Matt Cutts: Google Instant Does Not Make SEO Irrelevant

Google Instant will not make SEO disappear
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Yesterday’s big announcement of Google Instant has left many in the SEO and Web community in general with lots of questions about what this new feature means for search engine rankings.

Google’s head of Web Spam, Matt Cutts, has published a blog post where he attempts to answer some of these questions.

Included in the post Matt highlights one of his YouTube videos where he answers a question about if SEO will still be around in 5 years. His answer, simply — Yes.

White Hat techniques are a good thing, Matt says. People edit their resumes to make them more appealing to to employers. White Hat SEO techniques are just like that. Essentially you’re tweaking your site to be more appealing to both the search engine and to visitors.

He says on his blog:

A key insight behind Google Instant is that if we want to get people answers and solve their problems faster, we can help with that by improving our UI to help you formulate queries more quickly (and then doing a bunch of hard work under the hood to answer that query too). Google typically returns search results in milliseconds, but it takes several seconds for you to type a query. In other words, the limiting factor on a typical search is you. :) With predictive search and instant results, you can often get the answer you want much faster.

Here’s some additional questions, along with my personal take:
Q: Does Google Instant kill search engine optimization (SEO)?
A: No! Almost every new change at Google generates the question “Will X kill SEO?”


Q: Will Google Instant change search engine optimization?
A: I think over time it might. The search results will remain the same for a query, but it’s possible that people will learn to search differently over time. For example, I was recently researching a congressperson. With Google Instant, it was more visible to me that this congressperson had proposed an energy plan, so I refined my search to learn more, and quickly found myself reading a post on the congressperson’s blog that had been on page 2 of the search results.

Essentially, Google Instant makes getting your search results that much faster and that much more adaptable. It might effect SEO in the future, but for now it seems Instant has made searching Google new and exciting again.

Read more about Matt’s take on Google Instant.

What are your thoughts on Google Instant? Do you think it makes much of a difference in how you search? Share you thoughts in the comments.

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