links for 2009-03-15

  • If you’re attending events over the next several months, you might give some thought to a quick checklist that might help you better accomplish your goals. As I’m not entirely sure of your goals, I’ll list a bunch of ideas, and you can just narrow it down to what you think works best for you. Feel free to add more ideas to the comments section.
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  • FriendFeed has a new way for users to keep track of conversations in real time, and it may be the first thing the company has done that I just plain don't like. It runs in Adobe AIR and pops up with small notifications every time there's activity on your home feed or a selected friends list. If you can catch the notification window in time, it even lets you post a response without having to fire up your browser.
  • Google announced Friday a major update to show more details of Mars both in its history and the present day. Originally the 3D maps of Mars were available with the release of Google Earth 5.0, just a little more than a month ago. The update shows how our knowledge of Mars, and our study of astronomy, has evolved over time.
  • Not everyone is as lucky as we are to work adjacent to a hotel with a fresh supply of taxicabs pulling up to its curb. When you're stuck without a ride, cab-calling applications can make ordering a taxi through local companies a surer, safer thing than throwing yourself in the middle of a darkened street and flailing your arms wildly.
  • Facebook users just don't seem to be as young as they used to be. And they're going to the social-networking site a lot more often.

    A new report from traffic tracker Hitwise shows that U.S. visits to Facebook grew 149 percent in February compared with the same month a year earlier. That pushed Facebook's market share among folks in the United States visiting social-networking Web sites to 36 percent last month, versus 14 percent in February 2008.

    Facebook stayed in second place, but it's gaining ground against the No. 1 site. In February, MySpace accounted for 52 percent of U.S. visits to social-networking sites, but that's down 28 percent from its year-earlier market share of 73 percent.

  • The average person, if asked to visualize George Stephanopoulos interviewing John McCain, would probably imagine both men in a television studio, wearing suits. But this Tuesday, it seems that McCain and Stephanopoulos will instead be hunched over keyboards and possibly dressed in their jammies.

    Stephanopoulos and McCain have announced that they'll be holding a "Twitterview." Anyone who's interested can send discussion ideas to the television reporter's Twitter account, and then, starting at noon on the 17th, Stephanopoulos will pose questions to McCain 140 characters at a time. McCain should answer in the same fashion (although he may be able to tweet more than once per exchange).

  • Google's Seattle site director Brian Bershad told, "There's relatively little data in Twitter," Bershad said. "I think if you could take a Twitter-like service and combine it with a lot of other data sources about the users, you might be able to come up with something more interesting."

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