IFTTT Is a Great Service That Helps Make The Internet Easier To Use

Many of you know that we're are all about using tools to get the most out of the Internet, especially social media.

A service called +IFTTT (If This Than That) makes cross posting and automation easy.

Now with all tools, moderation is key. Genuine interaction on every network is important to cultivate quality long lasting presences and relationships. But using tools like IFTTT can help you do more mundane tasks like posting your blog posts to social media or taking your Instagram photos and archiving them in +Dropbox  or +Evernote.

Tasks like this are things you would do anyway but don't really benefit from having you post them every time. That is, if you don't add comments to your message when you post to to the social networks.

On the whole, IFTTT is a great tool that is adding tons of services every day.

It's definitely one we using in our office regularly. Give it a whirl and if you've been using it, let us what do you use it for?

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