How To Blog Without Killing Yourself

Tim Ferris, author of the 4 hour work week, gave a talk at the Wordcamp San Francisco about blogging and how to do it without burning out. He gives great suggestions. A must watch.

Some key points:

  • Find out when you do your best writing
  • Print out your most important posts after you write them and edit them by hand
  • Aim to remove 10% to 20% of the post everytime
  • Ignore SEO, during the first draft
    • When you try and optimize right away it reads like you were trying to optimize it and not like there is value there for the reader
    • After the first draft you can use Google’s keyword tool to help optimize the article. Don’t over do it
  • Try to make sure the post can only be catagorized by one topic. More than one topic in a post can split up your anchor text in link backs.
  • There is no correlation to the amount of time you spend on a video to the success of the video
    • Often simpler and shorter is better
    • Not suggested to just post a video with no text. Standalone videos don’t do as well as videos that have text in the post as well.
    • Text spreads through the search engines much faster than video
    • At least summarize what you say in the video or what the video is about
  • Most of all have fun with your posts. If you don’t appear to be having fun posting your readers are going to have fun reading it

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