Great Event Coming To Philly From +EFactor Global: Social Good For Society

This event will be held at Benjamin's Desk in Philadelphia.

From The Efactor Site:

EFactor Presents: Social Good for Society

In today’s society, giving back means everything. Tom’s Shoes triggered a revolution with doing social good to the tune of inspiring new entrepreneurial enterprises in this division. Charitable Companies like 46NYC have drawn much attention among the masses and garnered much press in their efforts in spreading “good karma.” 
Find out how you can create a similar business by waking up each day knowing that you’re helping others and making a big impact on society. 
After attending, you’ll have insights on:
– Events, fundraisers your business can hold to give back to the community 
– Benefits of giving back to the community 
– Getting your community involved with your campaign

Are you able to make it? If so go to the link below and sign up!

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Benjamin’s Desk
EFactor Presents: Social Good for Society | Philadelphia | Entrepreneur Events by EFactor, the worlds largest social networking site for startups and small businesses.

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