Google Adds A New Ranking Factor To It’s Algorithm: DMCA Requests

Everyone knows that Google is constantly tweaking it's algorithm to make the results more relevant to its users.

The latest update to the search giant's index will take DMCA requests into account when ranking a site. This means that if a copyright holder complains that a site infringes on one of their copyrights, the "abusing" site's ranking in Google will be adversely effected.

Google says the move is to make sure that the most relevant and accurate results are shown.

What concerns me is what's keeping competitors from doing this to hurt competition? Also what safeguards are there to protect site owners that are wrongfully accused.

I think there will be quite a bit of backlash and more information on the new update to come.

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DMCA Requests Now Used In Google’s Ranking Algorithm
DMCA requests is the latest ranking factor to be added to Google’s search ranking algorithm. Google’s head of search, Amit Singhal, announced this on Google Search blog, saying those sites with a high…

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