Dear Readers,

Apparently, has been linking to another site about a woman Wanda Spann’s advocacy site. Now I have no idea how this is happening and I’ve been getting almost daily calls from a nice lady involved with the group trying to figure out how my site is linking to theirs. I’ve told her everytime that there is no link from my site to theirs and that there is a bug in their site or it’s just a matter of link juice some how being passed over to them. Apparently the higher-ups in the organization are a bit ticked (for reasons I still have yet to figure out) and are demanding that this nice woman call me to figure this out. Now like I’ve told her, I have nothing to do with those links going to her site. I’ve never linked to her site before. But in the interest of sending so link juice to a good cause, I’m sending a link to them now. Please if you get a chance check out the site about Justice for Wanda Spann and form your own opinions about their site.

As of right now, I’m beyond perplexed and I’d be happy if this all just disappeared. Honestly I have no idea how it all started in the first place.

Thanks for listening.

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