This morning at 12:01am all hell broke loose over the social web. Over Twitter the discussion of user names on Facebook was the hot topic. People came in from the bars early (according to their posts) to get their user names. From my point of view everything went well. I ended up getting , due to the fact that the more famous Seth Goldstein got sethgoldstein. It was really neat to experience the pure geekyness of this pursuit of the perfect user name on Facebook. It really shows the power that Social Media has on the world at large.

With in the first 3 minutes (according to, who had the exclusive coverage of the event) more than 200,000 user names were chosen. The Mashable chat room was going wild and was quite annoying with all the binging sound effects. The editors of the online Social Media magazine live streamed the event over the Interwebs.

This event for the Geeks of the world seemed to rival the new years celebration in 2000.

Here is Mashables interview with some people on the front line at Facebook last night:

Mashable Twitter account

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