Entrepreneur’s Enigma | Matt Bailey On How He Got His Start In Digital Marketing And Training

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Matt Bailey teaches Digital Marketing to the world’s biggest brands and at the most recognized universities.

Matt travels around the world teaching a wide range of digital marketing topics to teams within the world’s most iconic brands. He’s taught:

• Google employees how to use Google Analytics,

• Experian how to present data, and

• Custom-developed digital marketing workshops for Microsoft, Disney, Nationwide, Orange, Hewlett Packard, Proctor & Gamble, and IBM.

Matt’s training curriculum is used at Duke University, Rutgers University, Purdue University, University of South Florida, George Washington University, Full Sail University, and many others.

According to Microsoft, “Matt has an uncanny ability to simplify the complexity of digital marketing into concepts that are understandable, relatable, and ultimately do-able.”

From developing real-estate websites in 1996 to starting his own digital marketing agency, Matt has been at the forefront of entrepreneurship and digital marketing. In 2015, he pivoted from his agency business to focus full-time on training. In 2020, he earned his Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology, and now offers coached digital marketing courses at Learn.Sitelogic.com.

Matt teaches through New Media Academy in Dubai, UAE where he is the VP of Education, the ANA (Association of National Advertisers), LinkedIn Learning, and standards contributor for the OMCP (Online Marketing Certified Professional), the international standards certification and licensing program for digital marketing education.

He’s the author of:

Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day (2011)

Wired to be Wowed (2015)

Teach New Dogs Old Tricks! (2017)

Digital Marketing Fundamentals (2023

When he isn’t immersed in the universe of marketing and technology, Matt spends most of his time being a husband and a dad (to four girls) and beekeeping. Whatever time is left is spent reading history, culture, or philosophy books. As a self-proclaimed coffee snob, he absolutely loves a good cup of joe—especially while reading.

To learn more about Matt, visit www.sitelogic.com

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