Entrepreneur’s Enigma | David Jasse On Being An Entrepreneur As A Video Strategist

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David M. Jasse opened DMJ after garnering network experience at CNN, MTV, CBS & FOX.

David advanced from network cameraman, to control room engineer, to editor before producing.

Among his company’s most recent achievements is editing and designing graphics for the Emmy Award winning adventure and travel show, “Born to Explore with Richard Weise”, as seen on ABC. Previously, DMJ headed up the editorial team for “Cafe Digital”, 52 half-hour shows on The Discovery Channel.

David’s specialty is directing video that engages audiences and touches hearts.

His nonprofit films have helped raised more than 100 million dollars.

In the nonprofit sector specifically, David and his team produce everything from extremely engaging social media videos to virtual events to honoree tributes and animated shorts. His most important rule is strategy comes before production.

David believes nonprofits deserve to have access to the same tools as Fortune 500 companies because nonprofits are the best businesses!

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