Entrepreneur’s Enigma | Alina Trigubenko On A Wholistic Approach To Entrepreneurship

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Alina Trigubenko is a LA/Costa Rica transplant originally from Siberia, Russia. Alina’s company, Profi, is a full-service platform for service providers, coaches, counselors and general business to help run their back office.

Alina loves entrepreneurship and has been involved in the international startup scene for almost 10 years. She says one of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur is making sure your employees are taken care both professionally and personally. This is especially true now with the war in Ukraine, where her team has a headquarters (she also has a team in Russia and Belarus).

Right now her time is taken up with making sure her team and their families are safe.

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Profi | The all-in-one operating platform for coaches, trainers, consultants and therapists

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